Yogurt Bowl – with variations

Most yogurt has a lot of sugar in it, and not just from the fruit! A lot of brands, including Chobani, adds cane sugar to their yogurt. SO unnecessary, especially since yogurt is usually eaten in the morning, and an immediate insulin spike first thing after you wake up is not what your body needs. Instead, read the labels and buy plain greek yogurt. You can add all of the good stuff to it yourself and that way, you know exactly what is going into it (and how much)! Fage total 0% or 1% greek yogurt are both great. Today, this yogurt bowl had Krave the Krunch paleo granola by Paleo Passion Foods and a hefty scoop of peanut butter. Read the ingredients in peanut butter too people!!! Sugar is added to everything! The Whole Foods brand 365 creamy peanut butter is great.

This is the perfect, quick and easy breakfast for any day and really fills you up until lunch time.


  • drizzle honey on the top
  • add goji berries
  • add fresh berries, papaya, grapefruit, cantaloupe, peaches or plums (low glycemic fruit, so they won’t spike your insulin)
  • add any type of nut or nut butter
  • add our almond butter cups!


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