Turmeric Shrimp and Mushroom Tacos

PALEO     |     Dairy Free     |     Grain Free     |     Gluten Free     |     Nut Free   | Sugar Free

These tacos are so amazing and take ten minutes to make. Saute the mushrooms in some olive oil for about 5 minutes until they shrink a little and turn brown. Then add the shrimp (About a quarter of a pound of de-veined, organic shrimp). Cook for about 1.5 minutes on each side, stirring the mushrooms around as well. Sprinkle turmeric on top. I used regular green leaf lettuce as my taco shells, but you can also use collard greens. Slice up a half of an avocado and put it in each lettuce cup, dump the mushrooms and shrimp on top, and enjoy! So simple and so easy, but great CLEAN eating. Eat them hot and they’re even better!

Quick Fact: Turmeric has so many health benefits. Check out Dr. Josh Axe’s awesome article on all of the great things Turmeric can do for your body.


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