Two Hungry Wongs

We are sisters, Phebe (22) and Ellie (19) who created @twohungrywongs to share our inventions in the kitchen.

Phebe – was  diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in March 2017 after a very long diagnosis period. Diet plays a HUGE role in managing this disease as well as many other inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

I have done copious amounts of research on foods that I should (and mostly what I should not) be eating during flares and when I am in remission. We started this blog to promote healthy eating, but also to provide a place where people with dietary restrictions can look for inspiration and ideas.

Ellie – I have had acid reflux for as long as I can remember and have altered my diet in many ways to try and cure the problem. I have tried many different diets including gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan, pescatarian, and a variety of combinations of them. Because of this, I became interested in alternate ways of cooking.

My love of baking has only grown in the past couple of years and when Phebe was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, it allowed us to combine our knowledge and create new recipes that not only taste great but also give energy and mental clarity.

photo cred:–nWysd2BEEPkz2g&ust=1490752968694485

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  1. zoelaucy says:

    Thanks for following us on instagram! Love your philosophy and your story. You remind me of my sister and I – we are twins that love to cook healthy food. We are both gluten and lactose intolerant as well. Keep up the great work!


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